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We offer culinary highlights throughout the year, which embellish our

classic dishes

  • Game weeks I 17.10. – 31.10.
    Greetings from the Hunter in the Forest From the rustic forests of Muotathal and Entlebuch, the hunter delivers deer and stag directly into Curdin's hands. Our chef transforms the whole animals into fantastic game dishes. Prepare to be surprised.
  • «Metzgete» I 16.11. – 18.11.
    Authentic and traditional What takes a long time also tastes good today. We are going back to our roots and serving the whole animal. We preserve the traditional coziness while adding a subtle gourmet touch to the dishes.
  • Festive dishes I 01.12. – 29.12.
    Indulgence in Feasting and Merriment We serve you and your loved ones fragrant roasts, tender fillets, and many other delicacies. We warmly invite you to treat yourself to something special at the Krone. Enjoy a festive meal of five to six courses in a splendid ambiance.
  • Grisons weeks I 02.01. – 27.01
    A «Allegra» from Graubünden Our chef, Curdin, brings popular dishes from his alpine homeland to the lowlands. Toast to a joyful life with Capuns, Maluns, and other specialties from Grisons, paired with the appropriate wine. Viva!
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